Julie - Universal Emulator for Immo, Speedometer, Airbag and ECU

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The best emulator for cars which can emulate the working of Immo, Speedometer, Airbag and ECU. This Julie car/vehicle emulator provides 91 programs which are fully used for all car models and different types of ECU.

In Julie Universal car emulator, you can select from;

  • 61 immo programs
  • 22 seat occupancy sensor programs
  • 8 tacho tester programs

With Julie Universal car emulator, you can perform the following operations,

  1. Delete the original immobilizer signal ECU,
  2. Change the original immobilizer signal to ECU,
  3. Change the ESL which enables you to start the car,
  4. Check & diagnose the working of ESL on your table(Without car),
  5. Check & diagnose the proper working airbag module,
  6. Check & diagnose tacho on your table(Without car).

Program selection is made by soldering jumpers from J1 to J7. To connect the emulator, please see specific installation manual.



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